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  5. Change of Command will take place the evening of 15 Jan 2021. Details to follow.
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    Submit your vote for one of the nominated Commanders HERE. (Link posted on 5 Jan)
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    Any member wishing to become the next Commander of JTF13, please go HERE and submit your intent.
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    Other squadrons are welcome to join the Martes in the first joint training. Contact 152nd CO or XO for any info.
  12. Congrats to @Greg | “????” for the Completion of the F/A18C BFQ, he will be a member of the 152 Esc. Ala 15 with the 15-05 side number. He will be also, for the time being, nicknamed as "Wake" for his love of the trail formation.

  13. Nova: TGP with Radar Lucky: Standard Formation Procedure Basics Then, Georgia Training Server.
  14. Let's fly some Harriers. Training server, Hoggit, wherever we find ourselves let's blow some shit up, and land vertically. 1 PM PST.
  15. Training time will be 1200hrs GMT
  16. So, what time code is this trading event at 5 pm today?
  17. Map: Persian Gulf, Training Server 2 Objectives: Learn and practice formation procedures and proper formation communications. Brief: 2100EST Step: 2130EST T/O: 2145EST CQ Mission Profile: Formation Takeoff/Rejoin Fuel Check Fence-in Formation BVR Engagement/BDA Formation RTB Ideally we will have a 4-ship formation. Takeoff from either the GW or the Stennis (depending on members modules) and rejoin. Move to Bullseye. BVR engagement. Equal number engagement. (ie 2v2,3v3,4v4) Formation AAR Formation RTB Learn and practice proper formation departure procedures off of carrier. Learn and practice proper formation BVR engagement. Learn and practice proper formation BDA. Learn and practice proper formation radio communications.
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  19. i can't make it the coming 3 to 6 weeks jamie
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